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A good old family favourite. Any left overs can be thrown in the freezer or go great on toast! :) SUBSCRIBE TO MY COOKING CHANNEL, NEW VIDEOS EVERY MONDAY AN…


DreamzforSale says:

ya i know. if you are cooking Italian you better know your Pasta. If she does this in Italy, its straight to the Gallows!!

anekbu says:

this is not how you make it
you need to mix the onions, sellery, carrot first, then the meat :)

Keef Williamson says:

Very flat spaghetti there, looks more like tagliatelle!

Max Harris says:

Why didn’t you use a pressure cooker to quicken the process

OoMusicFreakyoO says:

why don’t you just ignore me then :) theres a botton on my channel if you click it you never see me again writing a comment :)

Rinsuki says:

People screw up on asian dishes all the time. I mean calling egg rolls and spring rolls interchangeably is a pet peeve but you know what dishes are meant to be changed up every now and then. Most people who cook it aren’t trying to be authentic. The cuisine of my country wouldn’t be where it is today without a bit of fusion and changing it up.

Yas J says:

she did say it’s her own version and not truly Italian :) I make mine packed full of veg including mushrooms. I understand though, I hate it when people mess up Polish dishes :P

Crab Nicholson says:

Yes you actually really have to use grown-ups wine. If you arent going to use wine you may as well find a recipe to make something more to your liking… like chicken nuggets or peanut butter and jelly, you god damned child.

Get off my internets and stay off my lawn!

isaandginny says:

Ok, you’re right. But why adding mushrooms? And anyway, pappardelle is just a different pasta shape, but I’m pretty sure it’s available all over the world (I’ve seen them everywhere)

Jake F says:

They have to use ingredients that are more available and some aren’t easy to get in ethnic cooking, it’s more convenient.

Deniise021 says:

I want it NOW!!

Ann Tahitahi says:

I made this last night, followed your recipe and even the wine and I have never used wine for cooking and was skeptical, but no longer! It was a wonderful recipe and on my fb page now. I have 11 grandchildren that I look after, so meal times aren’t easy with kids, but I tell you they coming back for 2nds and 3rds. Thank you, big success!!!!!!!!

DiscoPapito says:

You meat is grey, homie.

picassoplasterers says:

thanks very much,i have no cooking experiance what so ever,and theres five of us blokes livin in one house and were pretty much sick of takeout everynite.cheers for this spag bol recipe.

Michael Chua says:

Do you use a spatula or a mixer tool to mix the vegetables and ground beef?

Thunyaras PL says:


Sandy Martinez says:

nice one! i’m going to try it on this weekend :)

isaandginny says:

I’m italian, and this is not an italian dish at all ._. we use pappardelle, not spaghetti, we don’t use mushrooms and, anyway, this recipe is not correct at all! Why do you make italian dishes in your channel?! I love your recipes from your country but really, don’t make italian dishes!

CookingwithKarma says:

.. haha, awesome! :D 

rollwivaswagger says:

this is very nice. i made it myself for the first time yesterday. i used to use dolmio sauce out the jar and its not that nice really lol

gorgemuld says:

To much meet in the pan for my taste, its boiled/steamed more than fried..

CookingWithAvniM6 says:

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E.F.C Lad says:

This is the exact same way ive been cooking this for years =) its also nice the next day with a jacket potato!!

Leena Walveranta says:

Call everybaddy – Ask them to bring hearbs and red wine, thatll’ do it

Leena Walveranta says:

Lovely ! The basic bolognese – My mother used to make this , she added an odd cream something – Well, I do it the italia
n way

CookingwithKarma says:

I would say 5 decent size meals, maybe more depending on portion size :)

DrakesUncharted says:

My favorite food.

musiccabin says:

hey~ so what’s the sauce that you put in right before u boil the whole thing for 45 minutes?

musiccabin says:


musiccabin says:

omg i can’t wait to cook that! =D (mouthwatering)

OkieMerrod83 says:

I like how u pronounce tomato. ;) I feel like I am repeating myself every time i tell you how awesome a recipe is. Well, this is no exception. So yummy looking.

theFoodieMart says:

that’s cool! it delivers very good picture quality. Thanks!

CookingwithKarma says:

.. no, not at all. the alcohol content does burn off in the cooking process, I think it adds a nice flavour, but you could definitely leave it out or substitute with some stock :) 

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